Sirius - Page 13

Sirius - Page 13

Fri, 2012-07-06 10:49


Okay, now THAT was an unexpected twist! Can't wait for the next episode!

Hullo Bheki,
it came as a surprise to me too.
Someone else put the idea into my mind.

Hey,great last frame Arthur, a frontier of going! Been listening to At the Mountains of Madness by H P Lovecraft on R4 Extra, freaky stuff; I think your comic strip here is a nice extension of all that lineage but with your own great originality at work - looking forward to the next instalment, Ice City at last?!
Best Regards,

Hullo Andy,
sorry, but despite my wish to try designing it I'm afraid there are obstacles for Sirius to overcome before he gets to the ice city.
Long time since I last read Lovecraft but I will have another look. Might help.

Great stuff! Love the ship in the last frame - reminds me of all those great 70s SF paperback covers from Panther and the like.

Hullo Nigel,
thank you.
'70s SF paperbacks an inspiration to us all. Apart from the art there was The Future they promised.

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