Sirius - Page 25

Sirius - Page 25

Mon, 2013-04-08 09:59


The Sirius episodes have been coming quick and furiosly recently, Arthur. Have you been gripped by inspiration, and swept up by ideas of where to take the story?

If we're talking about inspiration, my copy of The Beatles arrived on Monday, and it is truly a masterpiece. It was so good to see the artwork in it's original printed form, because up till then I had only seen it digitally. Nothing beats viewing it in print. It's beautiful to look at. I had anticipated that it would have a cardstock cover, but it didn't, but it was still printed on thin but high-quality stock, and was in quite good condition. I was lucky to find they had a copy available on Amazon, from a shop that was willing to deliver to my location.

The only thing that would be even better is if Elvis was available in print too.

I don't know if you've heard of this Kickstarter thing : I haven't had time to really read up on it. But it's been popping up all over the place. Apparently it's a means for people to get their projects off the ground by way of public funding...

We live in interesting times.



Hullo Bheki,

gripped by inspiration is one way of putting it. Do also have a glimmer of an idea for what might come next.

Glad the wait for the Beatles book was worth it. Elvis seems unlikely as it consists of only 30 pages. It will be available as a phone ap as is the Beatles. Details in the Beatles blog.

 Your link might be useful if I ever get Sirius finished. I have been laying it out in comic page form. Doing it from curiosity I have decided comics look better as whole pages rather than a series of individual frames that digital comics can become.


I think I'm pretty forward-thinking, Arthur, but I know in my heart I prefer printed media to digital. It takes up space and is susceptible to damage, but there's nothing quite like actually holding a book in your hand. And moving your face close to it to zoom in. Maybe it's because I sit at a computer at work all day, or maybe I dislike pixels because they never quite measure up, but I really like my printed material. I've obtained digital comics and books at various stages. But that was only out of necessity. Much like The Beatles, which I've had high-quality scanned pages of that some generous soul put on the internet at once point, but it didn't prevent me from going ahead and purchasing the book when I saw it available, even at it's raised price.

At 30 pages, Elvis is short. But only if you think in terms of its original page layouts and design. But if you split it up, you could easily obtain an increased page count. The Beatles isn't that long either, at 48 pages, and some of the panels from Elvis would look beautiful standing on their own. And plenty of the pages could easily be split in various ways.

So you have an ending in sight for Sirius? Interesting. I'm glad to see some 'line' drawing being incorporated as well in some recent episodes, even though I do enjoy the 'painted' look you've established. It is after all your exquisite line-work that hooked us all. Not for nothing did Angus Allan call you 'incomparable'.

Many Thanks


Hullo Bheki,

certainly agree that from what I have seen nothing beats a paper comic. Or book.

Where would I find the internet Beatles? Be curious to see it. Who did that?

If anyone had the interest and money to reprint Beatles or Elvis I would be more than happy to cooperate.

No ending imagined for Sirius yet. I kind of thought it should be 60 pages to make a decent 'graphic novel' so have lots of story to invent yet.


Hi Arthur,

Here's the link to the photo-sharing site where I found the Beatles pages; just basic scans from a copy of the book, by a fan, it seems, of that decade:

You'll see some of the other search results relating to you. Here's the point at which his Beatles scans start showing up, from the back:

(He'd actually missed the second last 2 pages, visuals of which are on this site and I was wondering about. Clarity came to me when I obtained my copy).

Elvis and Beatles presents a dilemma indeed. But there is a solution out there. We just haven't found it yet. But I'll keep looking. Maybe I need to research Rebellion again...

It would be great to see Sirius printed. Although I wonder at the sharpness of it, if that were to happen. Which brings me back to the topic of pixels versus print - because unless something is scanned at a very high resolution, chances are that every little line won't appear as it would traditionally printed.

Many Thanks & Kind Regards


Hullo Bheki,

thanks very much for the links. I had a look. I guess he just liked it.

Afraid you could be right about transferring pixels into print. I will be putting together even if the result remains on screen.


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