Sirius - Page 26


Yay! New Sirius! Looks even more beautiful than the last time every time. But the third panel with Lorana, the second piece of dialogue sounds...odd. The story, however, seems to be gearing up to get very interesting indeed!

Just in time! Arrived on the same day as my copy of Skylark Science Fiction Stories from 1980, which has illustrations by yourself and another chap. You knocked it out of the park, as always.

Next on my list, that rather rare and expensive book about the old testament.



P.S. Would you ever consider creating a blog post where you give us a bit of insight into your process on Sirius? I'm very curious. All the best till next time, Arthur.

Hullo Bheki,

my IT genius has done something to the site that makes all the images look sharper so that helps.

Odd in what way? I'm asking out of genuine curiosity.

My first reaction to idea of blog on the way Sirius is made is doubt - that I could do it and it would be interesting. A man who knows said the programmes I am using - Page Plus for line work, Paint for 'painted' stuff - were never designed to do what I'm doing with them. Sensible illustrators would get themselves one of the better more professional programmes available. I now have one of them and if and when I can work it you might see the results.
I will of course answer any questions I get  about the Sirius process.

All the best,