Sirius - page 43


Hi Arthur,

I don't know whether it's those widescreen frames but all that rock feels quite opressive and claustrophobic which can only be good of course!!

Kind Regards,


Hullo Andy,

kind of planning the whole tone of the story to become darker. Caves seemed like a start.


Cinematic! Visually, this series is always satisfying!

Hi Arthur,

Hope you are well!

Will we be seeing any more of those international adventures in comic collecting features soon? It might be time to remind everyone!



Hullo Bheki,

one volunteer failed to deliver so have been considering bringing the international collecting topic up again.

I'm fine. Thanks for asking.
You too I trust.


I am well, Arthur. Though time has become a precious commodity for me these days! And energy!

You really should remind everyone, repost that blog entry periodically. There's too much information to consume these days. It's like Russian roulette! Fortunately, I regularly visit this blog!

With that being said, I hope you'll be making some announcements soon, about projects you might be releasing this year?

What are the chances you'll go back to 2000AD for one-off strips! You co-created Juliet November but never got to draw her much! It would be interesting to see what a Sinister
Dexter strip by you would look like!

But I can dream!

Keep well


Hullo Bheki,

the Japanese blog mentions the request for contributions. Had another offer but who knows.

Won't be back at 2000AD. My time probably even more limited than yours.

Expecting a new reprint in the Summer but will inform closer to the time. Otherwise no commercial projects.


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