This was lead story in the 2000AD for a while but had a quiet afterlife - seeming at the time to fail in catching the imagination of some readers. Great idea from writer Alan Grant, and some of the drawing was OK. It seemed to have everything - Enigmatic Leading Man, Evil Villains, Exotic Locations, Action, Monsters, Feisty Women, Handsome Hero, Battles, Mazes, Mystery, Horror, more mazes.
There was a three part collection by Caliber but in tone, no colour. No money either.
Pleased to say Rebellion have now (2011) published the full colour, re-scanned,  MAZEWORLD collected edition. (see final image)
There is an unpublished arial view of Mazeworld in the sketch section.

`free art poster' for 2000AD
The "AND I" guy is me when I had a beard. The two leading women were neighbours.
Page used to describe a little Mazeworld history
Tricky concept to realise visually. Two people having differing view of same object.
tiny fallen angel from cut out heart.
cover artwork
Intended cover but used on back page
Collected edition. Published by Rebellion. November 2011 and another larger version in 2018
Over-did it perhaps.
. . and here . .
Mazeworld - first sight
Occasional frame borders as maze.
This was done November 2011 using PagePlus software. There is a little more in blog 'Mazeworld curios'.
demon in the hell maze
Baddie pretending to be a goodie