The Mazeworld collected edition now available I feel free to show some recent ‘drawings’, a couple of which appear in the book. These are presented here as a curiosity. Curiosity is what got me started on them in the first place. They sprang from me idling with what I thought of as a t-shirt design (pic.1) on the laptop using PagePlus software. I then considered playing with other possibilities. The result was 'Hanged Man with demon' (pic. 2)  Semi-satisfied with that something more ambitious seemed in order and the 'Hanged Man in Mazeworld'  ( pic. 3) was produced. Sent to Simon Parr at Rebellion he elected to include a couple in the book.
Subsequently I worked on the ‘Bad Anderson’ ( see 'Bad Anderson blog') which is unfinished but I got bored.
PagePlus is a software intended for producing graphic layouts, designs and typography. It is not designed for illustration. There is a ’pencil’, straight lines or free form, with some choice of line width and colour. In my case the ‘pencil’ was guided by a regular mouse. Contained forms can be colour filled. Other effects can be applied. Unlike real life there is the means to ‘Undo last action’ which was just as well.  
As the BBC like to say ‘this is not a recommendation and other similar software is available‘.
I have been advised that using this software for this purpose is masochistic and the results not what might be hoped for.
I am aware that there is proper drawing and painting software to be had.

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