Illustration is how initially I thought to earn a living but found I liked comic-book folk more than I liked advertising ones. No it wasn't just that, there was also my interest in narrative.
All pictures done on the very hard CS10 board, mostly in water colour with sable brushes. Couple of acrylics to see if I could and one or two drawn with HH pencil.

Home life of hopeful artist. Self promotional piece.Water colour on board.Early example.
Sunday Times
Fiesta. A 'mosaic'. Every tile drawn.
self portrait by numbers. thought this such a funny /clever idea
self portrait detail - the flesh coloured area about 4 inches across in fact
self promotional piece - Jimmy Jewel
same piece - baby, Tommy Farr and Mantovani
hay fever stuff ad
book cover - Molly Sugden autobiography, one of three
book illustration - title unknown
Coal board educational poster, poster paint, one of six, Richard Hamilton inspired, I was taken with the style but no-one else asked for it.
one of childrens book series. 'Hit Books'. Publisher Longman.
Another . 'Hit Books'. Longman
Again, 'Hit Books'. Longman
and more All-bran
more All-bran
All-bran ad. Water colour
For 'Little Chap' by Dorothy Edwards. Skylark Science Fiction Stories. Collected by Jill Bennet.Book Club Associates !980
pencil on board - Sean Connery, 'Heroes of the Movies'
pencil on board - Liza Minneli. 'Heroes of the Movies'
book cover - `Skully' by Alan Bleasdale. model Andy Ashcroft,a friend
Book cover - follow up to `Skully'
acrylic try out
acrylic tryout 2
from the original. pencil on board - Barbra Streisland, one in series 'Heroes of the Movies', LSP Books Limited.
Marilyn Monroe. Chicken egg and watercolour.