For broadcast on June 27th. Following the podcast in which I was involved comes another, a follow-up, involving a distinguished panel of experts discussing the quality and content of the former. A jury of my peers sharing their thoughts and feelings on me, my work and my Essex accent. Panel includes Ellen Rogers and John Freeman. Michael Molcher will no doubt be there. Perhaps others. - I'm not familiar with the format. This and the original broadcasts can be found by searching for 'Thrill-Cast' on iTunes or searching for it on your favourite podcast app. It'll also be available direct through the 2000 AD website at June 27th. The panel are/were Rebellion Publishing's Head of Books and Comic Books Ben Smith, Hollywood Reporter geek culture correspondent Graeme McMillan, comics journalist John Freeman and photographer and artist Ellen Rogers. I have listened. Well well. Heath Robinson was a wonderful witty and inventive draughtsman. Well worth following up.

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