As part of a mild wish to show how inappropriate was the labelling of my work as hyper realistic there was recent(ish) blog on of artist Gunnel Wahlstrand. My attention was drawn recently to another hyper realistic artist, Paul Cradden who appears here. Trying to learn more about him I chanced upon a whole bunch of ‘em. See  
The technique and dedication is undeniable but I found the experience slightly depressing. Having spent some time as an stamp and bank note apprentice learning how to copy photographs and using that training as illustrator  I remember the relief when I began to  use pen and ink and draw stories. Rather than inspiring me attempt to follow these artist’s example when I am working on Sirius*, which was initially a temptation, it has confirmed me in an attitude of ’this is adequate‘, this is a comic, I'm  trying to tell a  story ’.  Story.
Plus, with possibly hundreds of ‘frames’ to draw, I should live so long.

*new page soon

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