It is no secret that I have a bit of a thing about Captain Marvel, the 1940’s version. In that piece I suggested I might well go to see the film ‘Shazam’. In the event, encouraged by all the positive headlines, I have just seen the “Captain Marvel’ movie. The positive headlines seem to have been largely due to this film being seen as a ‘good thing’ because it is that rare thing, a female-led superhero film. The female hero is front and centre, the independently driving force of the story. As it happens, Brie Larson as Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel is also by far most personable and convincing actor in the film, which helps. Only vaguely aware of the various alien civilizations involved in Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel’s life story I struggled a little with the plot though I did recognize Ronan the Accuser who turned up to say something gnomic. That same evening they showed the trailer to “Shazam’. Judging from that it seems the screenwriters imagined their superhero, having appeared in a magical change and replaced teenager Billy Batson, would not have the mind and maturity of a adult Superhero but the character and mentality of Billy Batson. One of the qualities of the original male Captain Marvel on whom this tale is based, is that he had the wisdom of Solomon, so seeing this version being naively adolescent, grinning in delight at the taste of some confectionary or other left me fairly sure I shan’t be going to see the full film. Reviews suggest it is an enjoyable movie. I’ve seen it described as heart-warming but my heart sank on seeing my first superhero attachment, the comics of my pre-teen self, so altered and to my mind misunderstood. That this is an idiosyncratic response is acknowledged. This should not to be regarded as indication as to whether the film is any good or if you should go see it. I do have form in this regard. I have never got over the end of the first Christopher Reeve Superman where the world was physically spun backward in order to ‘turn back time’ - rather than, say, ‘destroying every living thing on the planet’. Shan’t be going to see the new ‘Dumbo’ either. Like ‘my’ Captain Marvel I met the original Disney version when I was around seven and it is too treasured to wish it overlaid by an alternative. It clicked as to why this kind of thing might be exercising me so – the possible Button Man movie and what some screenwriter might make of it. Could claim that the broader point is how is it that film makers think they know better than the original creators of the characters they are making use of? but guess the truth is more probably a feeling of protectiveness about a fictional character I have an something of a mental investment in. Glad I got that straight. Now Arthur, breathe . . . . . and relax. Some history at -… / Later - came across this - C.C.Beck's guide to drawing comics -…

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