This was an idea I woke up with. The two artists featured, Damien Hirst and Brian Bolland, were in my mind at that waking moment but most any other two with equivalent backgrounds could have served. The idea was that the prestige of an artist can be based on their field of presentation rather than on their individual qualities and ability. Not just a distinction between Fine Art and Commercial Art - Lautrec made posters, Blake illustrated books - but the differing value attached to an artist's work based on whether its presentation is in the National Gallery or in the pages of a popular magazine. If creativity, originality, and draughtsmanship are valued then the matter of where they appear should be of secondary account - artwork to be looked at without preconception, judged on its own merits and not on the label it goes under. The examples supplied are some figurative and some abstract but either should be judged for their quality alone. Images were lifted by fishing in the Sea of Knowledge and Nonsense that is the Internet and all copyrights acknowledged. Looking at Brian Bolland's website was a humbling experience.

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