(And Parents Didn’t Even Realize) Reading this article I found myself smiling. Then wondered why. Perhaps its the over statement. We don't actually know if any kids were corrupted, only that there are some ideas in the scripts that could be considered a bit iffy. I think it well worth reading. As a lefty liberal I shared the view that there was some unpleasantness going on in the strips mentioned but I can't take the threat to the morals of youth as seriously as it author says he?she* does. It was the tone of righteous indignation that was endearing and prompted the smile. Additionally, even allowing that all it claims is true, I do not believe comic readers have their moral outlook shaped as easily as all that. Even were comics the only source of ethical education there are alternative narratives and attitudes to be found in them. The lesson here would be better aimed at writers of comics rather than the buyers. It should be no surprise to learn that the wrongheaded are to be found in the editorial rooms of comic publishers as everywhere else and it seems I believe they are allowed a say too if only in order to make us good people feel righteous. *I made a bit of a search but never found a name for who wrote the piece. Joel perhaps. Neither do I know the name of the writer of the X-Men story, or the artist - whose first frame I believe also leaves him something to answer for. Article and lot more pictures at - http://www.ultimatecomiccon.com/comics/15-comics-corrupted-kids-parents…

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