This week I had my first contact  from a female fan. There are a couple of comments from women on the site but they are all friends who left a message more from affection for me than an interest in comics. For Andrea, who used the email connection, I am the man who drew Danger Mouse of whom she is a devotee. There was a while ago an email from a guy whose wife was also a Danger Mouse aficionado so although Andrea is not alone in her interests she is the first women to call me direct. I am pleased about that for some reason. One of Look-in’s virtues was that it appealed to both boys and girls and there used to be a successful market in comics for girls. I am not sociologists enough to know why that ended but it does seem odd that now in the UK 50% of the potential market is completely disregarded. Not true of Japan for instance. There is the danger of oversimplification of this, I am sure there are women and girls who read comics but in general it does seem to be boys stuff. I could go on. Take no notice. I haven’t been the same since I read ‘The Female Eunuch’  in the seventies.

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