DreamWorks has decided not to go ahead with the Button Man film, seeing "such an inherently violent movie . ." unsuitable for the DreamWorks brand " . . in the wake of . . public shootings which have become a far too common occurrence." Disappointed of course and a little puzzled since this is the company that asked Nicholas Refn to direct. (Nicholas left some time ago. My understanding is that having said yes Nicholas changed his mind, preferring to work on his own projects.) Alternative producers have already expressed an interest so who knows what will happen. Certainly not me. (Strictly speaking that should be 'certainly not I' but that would make it sound like I wore a cravat.) A while later - November 12th Someone drew my attention to this piece on gun violence - http://www.deadline.com/2013/11/gun-violence-in-u-s-movies-on-the-rise-… It was always my assumption that a Button Man movie would be adults only.

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