27/01.2022  Some comics creators in the USA have formed a group calling themselves Comicgate

Their claim is that the increasing diversity of female and racial characters in comics have led to worse comics with a resulting a fall in the number of comics sold. Their complains have not been restricted to published comics but also aimed at individual creators and at publishing companies.

According to Publisher's Weekly, with a few exceptions comic book sales have been rising consistently for decades. Even were that not the case it seems unlikely that a return to misogyny, racism and homophobia would see readers flocking to comic-book stores.

Difficult to know whether the supporters of Comicgate believe what they are saying or whether, like Carlson *ucker on Fox news, their intention is just to stoke up controversy and division.

 Only attached two images because they are too depressing, If you insist you can see more at the links below and just how unfortunate they are,

Would anybody seriously want a return to the kind of material they present?



. https://www.complex.com/pop-culture/2018/04/racist-moments-in-comic-book-history/


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