08/02/2023 British cartoonist David Sutherland OBE  drew The Bash Street Kids in The Beano since 1962. and was also the regular artist for Biffo the Bear for 17 years, from 1969 to 1986, and Dennis the Menace for 28 years from 1970 to 1998

David trained at Rex Studios, illustrating adverts. He attended evening classes at Glasgow School of Art to add to his qualifications. In 1959 entering a drawing competition organised by the comics publisher Dundee-based DC Thompson which resulted in him being taken on by them.

His early features were adventure strips .- Danny on a Dolphin (1960), The Great Flood of London (1960-61), The Cannonball Crackshots (1961) and Lester's Little Circus (1962-63). In 1963, Sutherland took over the Bash Street Kids in Beano from the departing Leo Baxendale. In 1967 he created the adventure strip Billy the Cat. Following the death of Dudley D. Watkins in 1969 Sutherland took over Biffo the Bear.

His other BEANO credits include Dennis the Menace from 1970 to 1998; Gnasher’s Tale, (1977), Rasher (1984), The Germs (1988,) Gnasher and Gnipper, and Fred’s Bed.

He also drew episodes of Korky the Cat and Jak for The Dandy.

It’s estimated that, in addition to over 3000 instalments, he has drawn some 4000 Bash Street stories, which have also run in various Specials and annuals down the years.

On 31 December 2022, Sutherland received an OBE (Officer of the British Empire) medal for his services to illustration.

All copyrights acknowledged

I tried to find images of David's Korky the cat but the Korky pages I found were all cursed by the disrespectful and all too common habit of failing to credit the artist.


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