Here's a wheeze. Curious about other people's comics I have put up blogs about, or relating to, comics in Indonesia, India, Japan, Russia and Serbia. Now it seems a better idea (duh!) if such pieces were written by those with local knowledge and personal involvement. So I, ever the optimist, am inviting comic readers from wherever to send me an account of their experience. What is available where you are, what if anything is produced there? Interested in what you read, what you see that others may not, what is comics culture like in your part of the world? What the history? UK and US comics do already get plenty of coverage but personal views from those places would also be welcome. Already have contribution from South Africa and another from New Zealand is promised I'm imagining up to 1000 words with pictures. Send to my web E-mail address. TERMS AND CONDITIONS. Original work. Writers name will only appear with their permission. Credits required for artwork. Copyrights to be acknowledged. Quotations to be sourced where possible. Content remains property of author. Some editing may take place. There is no guaranteed date of publication. E-mail address will not made public. E-mail address may be shared with other contributors by arrangement and with express permission. Any other rules I later think necessary. Send you a sketch?

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