Sirius - Page 9

Sirius - Page 9

Sat, 2012-04-28 15:17



Is this how the young'uns used to feel whenever the new issue of Look-In came out, I wonder?

Well, it's certainly working for keeping me out of trouble.

Hullo Bheki,
well that's gratifying. Thank you.
I believe you are collecting these so perhaps I should tell you I have replaced the title on page one, the first frame on Page 7 and this morning frame six on Page 9.
This thing is keeping me out of mischief too.

Hi Arthur,
Do like Ric's outfit and the beckoning of the Snow Waste is exciting - excellent stuff as always, many thanks for the weekly-or so fix!

Hullo Andy,
thanks. Glad you are enjoying it.
As far as I know you and Bheki are the only two following it but your enthusiasm does help.
I may even have something like a plot now.

I would imagine there's a whole lot more people following Sirius Arthur; like Bheki I just think that the quality and effort involved deserves some comment (and great that you've provided the means to do so!) The British comic scene owes you and your contemporaries an awful lot; seemed to me to be a bit of a golden era growing up reading them and enjoying all that fantastic artwork.

Hullo Andy,
lets hope you are right about Sirius watchers. Attention seeking must be one of the characteristics of any sort of artist I guess. In this case however I would be doing it regardless - there are things I am curious about.
Incidently I spotted a continuity error and have this morning replaced frame four of this bit.

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