Judge Dredd Uprising – The Live Experience

05/09/2021   Little Lion Entertainment have been promoting Judge Dredd Uprising  based on Rebellion’s Mega-City world, a concept described by Lionetti-Maguire, founder and CEO of Little Lion - who were responsible for The Crystal Maze - as an amalgam of comic book, sci-fi film, immersive theatre, escape room, action adventure, and full-on indoor theme park.

Trailed as opening in central London spring 2021 the attraction has so far named either a date or venue.

Anyone know why or what is happening?

About the intention –


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Submitted by Steve Green on Sun, 2021-10-03 13:21


It was announced for a location in Camden Stables Market at one point in the Camden Journal, then around July the same website said that it had been replaced with a Tomb Raider escape room.

I was in Camden a couple of weeks ago, and Little Lion Entertainment are doing something at the lower atrium, near JD Sports, which was the location mentioned, but it doesn't say what it is, just their name and coming soon.

I did ask on their social media, but didn't get a response, so not sure if completely dead or postponed/shifted to another location.

Submitted by Arthur on Mon, 2021-10-04 12:03


Hullo Steve,

thanks for the information.

It does suggest Little Lion are still active even if doing what is still unclear.

I  have assumed, without evidence, that Covid has something to do with the hold up.

Take care.


Submitted by Steve Green on Mon, 2021-10-04 14:41


Oh, I'm sure covid slowed things, but I think lack of interest is a factor for the switch - Tomb Raider has a TV series coming out, but the Dredd TV series doesn't appear any closer than when it was announced in 2017

I had a look on the council website and the planning application still mentions Dredd, but there was a later amendment just after the planning meeting which says Tomb Raider (but still has images from the Dredd experience)

All the best,


Submitted by Arthur on Tue, 2021-10-05 14:44


Hullo Steve,

hard to believe but I guess we have to accept that there could be people about who would not be interested in Judge Dredd. 

Lets hope for the rest of us that Little Lion do eventually get round to putting on what sounds like a fun idea.




Submitted by Steve Green on Tue, 2021-10-05 14:56



yeah, hopefully it was something like the site wasn't quite right, or they wanted to wait a bit longer

all the best,


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