29/10/2021  here is a picture of the most villainous character in Mazeworld. Never named in the book and Initially appearing in angel form he is revealed, as he describes himself, as “ the terror at the centre of the maze . . “ “. . the embodiment of evil”.

In the book his throne is drawn as being of a relatively modest kind. Here it is made grander - in part because he deserves it, but largely because it was more interesting to design a new one than repeat the original.. These "drawings" are unrequested and done after all largely for my own entertainment.

Mazeworld copyright - Alan Grant & arthur ranson


Submitted by Andy Walker on Wed, 2021-10-13 22:02


Hi Arthur,

Hope all's well. He's certainly spreading out more in his new capacious throne. Great to see these updated Mazeworld scenes ~ keep 'em coming!  

All the Best,


Submitted by Arthur on Sat, 2021-10-16 13:51


Hullo Andy,


Having  chosen to do something quite complicated I think it will be a while before you see it.



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