Thanks to the tenacity, curiosity and contacts of John Freeman  - writer, editor, creative consultant, publisher and compiler of news site ‘downthetubes.net.’  - the puzzle of the Triffid strip has been resolved.

Paul Dawson identified the VISA 3 label on the back of the artwork as relating to Oxford University Press – Educational Division and their publication of workbooks for students of English.

Andy James found the very book so thank him for the pictures.

I never drew the entire ‘Day of the Triffids’ story just the two pages under the guidance of a writer who was it seems influenced by seeing a BBC version of the tale.

John ‘s fuller version of the search  is at -   https://downthetubes.net/?p=124477

where he also details other comic book versions of The Day of Triffids.

Thanks to all for the detective work,

The workbook featuring Sean Connery is a 2002 edition.

All copyrights acknowledged.



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