Thinking comics

Hillary L. Chute is an American literary scholar and expert on comics and graphic narratives.
She is Distinguished Professor of English and Art and Design at Northeastern University.


Beano 80th Anniversary

The Beano comic first appeared on 30 July 1938.
Pictured here are the few characters I could find from its early days - chosen because they were ones from my childhood so are of course the best. But Beano continued to create iconic characters throughout its long life.


Man Booker

A comic book has been long.listed for Man Booker prize.

The Man Booker Prize for Fiction is a literary prize awarded each year for the best original novel written in the English language and published in the UK. It is prestigious and influential.
The book is 'Sabrina' by Nick Drnaso.

A comic book being included among the contenders for the prize means literary people regard this book as a literary work and are passing judgment on it as such.


Wordless comics

Thought this an interesting essay -


RIP Steve Dikto

Stephen John Ditko.
2.11.1927 - c. 29. 6.2018

Steve Dikto was an artist who’s ‘Dr Strange’ work had an influence on me hitherto unacknowledged even to myself
Looking at that Dr Strange cover you can perhaps see how that might be.

More at -…


Podcast panel

For broadcast on June 27th.
Following the podcast in which I was involved comes another, a follow-up, involving a distinguished panel of experts discussing the quality and content of the former. A jury of my peers sharing their thoughts and feelings on me, my work and my Essex accent.


Art Appeal

There is to be a show of my artwork at Orbital Comics this coming October.
This will overlap with the publication of a new edition of Mazeworld from Rebellion that same month.
What artwork will be exhibited is yet to be decided but present thinking is that Mazeworld pages will predominate.


Tolkien: Maker of Middle-earth,

1 June-28 October 2018,
Weston Library
Broad Street

Original manuscripts, artwork, maps, letters and artefacts from the Bodleian's extensive Tolkien Archive, the Tolkien Collection at Marquette University in the USA and from private collections.- a "once-in-a-generation opportunity" to see so many Tolkien-related materials together.

More at -


Astérix in Britian:

Astérix in Britian: The Life and Work of René Goscinny
Jewish Museum London, Raymond Burton House,129-131 Albert Street, London NW1 7NB
10 May 2018 - 30 September 2018
René Goscinny (1926 – 1977) was a French comics editor and writer of Polish descent, best known internationally for the comic book ‘Astérix’, which he created with illustrator Albert Uderzo.
Astérix has sold 500million copies in 150 languages and made into 100 films.


Button Man TV busted

After some serious too-ing and considerable fro-ing, the projected Warner TV Button Man series can now I think be announced as kaput.


Jewish Comic Con

"Jewish Comic Con explores how Jewish identity has influenced comics, both on the page and behind the scenes. But it isn't just for the "members of the tribe". It's for everyone. It's a love letter to the creators of the comic book medium and their heroes!"

Next Sunday, April 29th at Congregation Kol Israel
603 St.


Podcast Part Two

A second instalment of my podcast interview with Michaell Molcher for 2000AD is due any moment now.
Wednesday April 18th to be precise.
This reminder may be appearing a little late but you know how time flies when you are having fun.

You can tune in by searching for 'Thrill-Cast' on iTunes or searching for it on your favourite podcast app.
It is also available direct through the 2000 AD website at

April 24th - a date for the broadcast of a panel discussing what they make of what I am saying is yet to be set.


Bibliography bit

A while back there was an apology for the non-appearance of the Bibliography section on this website. It was one of those things - like the inexplicable change of the blog headings typeface to one less cheery. Bibliography subsequently re-appeared . .


We Spoke Out

'We Spoke Out' is a collection stories relating to the Holocaust.
The Holocaust was the Nazi Germany State's systematic assault on Jews between 1933 and 1945 - what the Nazis called the 'Final Solution of the Jewish Question in Europe'. The Jews were targeted for complete extinction and six million of them died. Slavs, 'asiatics', Gypsies and other groups were also exterminated in industrialised death camps.


Podcast interview.

On March 9th between 11.45 and 15.00 Michael Molcher - tall, slim, thick dark hair, black shirt, black trousers, black leather shoes, curled moustache, short pointed beard, expensive haircut.


Button Man, TV and Lee Grice.

A little ago Lee Grice digitally dropped by to mention that he was curious about Button Man becoming a TV series. The reply at that time was that something was up but it was too early to say what exactly.
Now it can be told!


Seeking Xaviant Haze

In November 2016 ‘Elvis Lives ‘ was published. Written by Xaviant Haze. it included the Elvis Presley strip written by Angus Allan and drawn by me for ‘Look-in’ in the 1980’s.


Stars of Psi-Division

Another in the Judge Dredd Mega Collection this one gathers the stories of the women who follow in Judge Anderson's footsteps - Judge Karyn and Judge Judy Janus.Also appearing is Juliet November, not a Judge but a psychokinetic . .


RIP Mort Walker

Mort Walker .September. 3, 1923 - January. 27, 2018
Creator of and advocate for comic strip art.


Me in the Megazine

In addition to the many good reasons why you might buy the Judge Dredd Megazine this issue, it also contains an interview by Stephen Jewell of me about the Beatles book due next month.
Large parts of the article are accurate.


RIP Jim Baikie

Jim Baikie - 28th February 1940 - 29th December 2017.
Jim worked for some of the most iconic comics of the late 20th century - including 2000AD. The Eagle, Jinty, Look -in, Tammy, TV Comic, Valentine and Warrior.
In 2000 Jim Baikie won the Eisner Award for Best Anthology . .


15 Comics That Corrupted Kids

(And Parents Didn’t Even Realize)
Reading this article I found myself smiling. Then wondered why.
Perhaps its the over statement. We don't actually know if any kids were corrupted, only that there are some ideas in the scripts that could be considered a bit iffy.
I think it well worth reading.
As a lefty liberal I shared the view that there was some unpleasantness going on in the strips mentioned but I can't take the threat to the morals of youth as seriously as it author says he?she* does.


Harry Potter: A History of Magic

The British Library present an exhibition of rare books, manuscripts and magical objects from their collection alongside original drafts and drawings by J.K. Rowling and illustrator Jim Kay, displayed here for the first time.

Open until Wed 28 Feb 2018

British Library
96 Euston Road
London NW1 2DB

The New-York Historical Society Museum and Library have announced that the Harry Potter: A History of Magic exhibit will be opening there in October of 2018.


Will the real Captain Marvel please stand up.

In the '40s when I was a slip of a lad my favourite superhero was Captain Marvel.
Captain Marvel first appeared in Whiz Comics 02 (cover-dated Feb.1940) It was published by Fawcett, written by Bill Parker and drawn by C.C.Beck.
America it seems shared my interest - it was at that time the USA's most popular comic superhero too. DC Comics put a stop to that.


tv BM

A number of people (well 2 is a number isn’t it?) have recently asked how the plan for a Button Man television series is going.
It is at least possible that if two people I know are curious there could be a wider population awondering.
So, ready or not, here is what I was told . .