If anyone is still interested, I’m kind of weakening myself, it was October 2019 the last time a Button Man Netflix movie was mentioned here. It is not something that keeps me awake nights but some small flicker of interest was shown at the last mention, so, for those who might still care . . . . Last year there was a draft screenplay by Brian Helgland which I saw and about which I had some discussion with another of the Executive Producers.* A revised and refined version of that script was due in February this year. I asked yet another Producer* about it in March and got the email equivalent of a blank look. A fortnight ago, early June, the news from New York was that the new script is “to arrive any day now”. There is of course the virus and other excitements that have going on in America which might well have played a part in holding up peoples plans. For all I know Brian could be unwell or demonstrating for ‘Black Lives Matter’. Either way we wish him well. I don’t know what to think about it so I am not thinking about it. Except for this here. *names withheld to protect the innocent.

Submitted by Arthur on Tue, 2020-07-14 13:12


Hullo Jonnie,

thanks for the interest. 

I'm not on Facebook and really have nothing to add anyway.

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