04/11/2022  Visitors wondering what the explanation is for more demon images I'm afraid I can't help. Apart from the pleasure I get from making them I have no idea why the topic continues to keep me interested.

The last image was the initial picture that was remade to make it more devilish than fairy-like,

Submitted by Alan on Wed, 2022-11-09 13:57


Really nice work (maybe they're Djinn - which sometimes seem halfway between fairies + devils ?)

Thanks for posting them ! (You should collate them in a book for us fans)

Submitted by Arthur on Wed, 2022-11-09 15:12


Hullo Alan.

thanks for the compliment.

Djinn could be an idea worth following up

I would love to see a book. If any publisher were interested I guess they would be in touch.

Internet is great but books are more companiable.

All the best,


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